Rob Heeney "Relaxed, entertaining compere"

Over the last decade, Rob Heeney has established a reputation as one of the top comics working the UK circuit today. His style is a blend of bitterness, playfulness and cynicism wrapped up in a blanket of charm.

Originating from Douglas, Isle of Man, where he was born one Christmas Eve, you'd think this qualified Chemical Physicist, trained Systems Analyst, former Taxi Driver and International Table Tennis player would be able to draw on these amazing experiences. He cannot.

Rob has long since lost count of the number of clubs he's appeared in, but they include all the UK's top ones and countries as far reaching as The United Arab Emirates, the USA, the Netherlands and South Africa have enjoyed his company.

'Charming comic with excellent material' - City Life

Rob's versatility, quick wit and excellent ad-libbing skills have made him a much sought after comic and compere. .

Upcoming shows:

    Upcoming shows: