Basil Jamm (Amused Moose People's Champion award winner. "A quirky and different approach that could make his name": Chortle)

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the unique and alternative comedy stylings of Basil Jamm who is the creation Mark Fuller, musician, actor, model and most recently comedian.

Basil Jamm is Amused Moose National New Comic's Peoples Champion awardwinner 2019.

"A quirky and different approach that could make his name": Chortle

After gaining high praise and an overwhelming amount of good feedback, Mark is ready to ready to conquer the comedy world and take Basil Jamm to the next level in order to totally become Mr Showbiz that Basil deludedly believes he truly is!

Mark fell in love with comedy at a very young age, having watched the likes of Lee Evans, Eddie Izzard, Reeves & Mortimer, Monty Python and Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson, and grew up with a very surreal, alternative sense of humour which has helped him shape his own style.

There was a good ten year gap between Mark doing his first stand up gig, and recently morphing into his Basil Jamm character which has now gained him a lot of attention on the comedy circuit. 

Mark started off as a one liner comedian which he organically transformed into Basil Jamm after seeing a flashy sequin jacket and having an idea to incorporate music, samples and gags with a twist, and then slap on some heavy eye make up so he would be good to go.

Upcoming shows:

    Upcoming shows: